Must-Try Local Dives in Tampa

Are you somewhere in Tampa, Florida and you’re planning to eat out but don’t know where to go? Faced with the dizzying array of food choices from the city’s numerous restaurants, it’s no surprise that you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. But don’t worry, this friendly local foodie will help you with that. Here are some of the best restaurants in Tampa that you should definitely try.

Mise en Place
Mise en Place is the best restaurant to dine in for Modern American cuisine. This 30-year old bistro has continued to dominate Tampa’s local food scene with its innovative and beguiling dishes despite the increasing number of new restaurants in the City. Armed with not just decades of experience and culinary creativity, Mise en Place brings a gastronomic adventure like no other, where every bite of each carefully crafted dish is an explosion of flavor. This, paired with their wide selection of wine, friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere and prompt service, makes Mise en Place a definite must-try. You can find Mise en Place in 442 W Kennedy Blvd #110.

Rooster & the Till
Located in the trendy neighborhood of Seminole Heights is Tampa’s favorite farm-to-table restaurant, Rooster & the Till. This new American restaurant is known for their beautifully plated inventive dishes and locally sourced ingredients. Here, small portions are the norm and for good reasons. Owners of the restaurant explained that the more you have something, the less you like it. By eating smaller portions of their food, the more their customers can appreciate the dish their eating and “reach the highest flavor of the dish” thus making the meal more memorable.

Holy Hog
When it comes to barbeque, nothing beats Holy Hog. With branches in Downtown, South and West Tampa, Carrollwood and Amalie Arena, Holy Hog is no doubt dominating Tampa’s Smokehouse scene. They serve mouth-watering Texas-style brisket, sausages, fresh salads, crispy chips, yummy corn fritters, St. Louis ribs, super tender and super juicy barbecue, and of course, loads more of awesome Southern food. Their beverage selection is also not bad. If ever you have cravings for delicious Tampa barbecues, don’t forget to make Holy Hog your destination.